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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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Adam Gifford, Co-Founder & VP of People


Adam Gifford  Co-Founder of Solvent, a Fintech company innovating software solutions that empowers banks and credit unions to be the “Authority on Identity” to confidently ensure all transactions in the banking rails are legal and compliant.

For the last 10 years, he has been an entrepreneur of several neurosurgical and cannabis related businesses based out of Durango, Colorado.

Adam also Co-Founded a point of sale (POS) company integrated with all state specific seed to sale tracking systems.  With these experiences, it has allowed him to understand, advocate and solve merchant challenges for both banks and payment processors from coast to coast.

With Adam’s passion for innovation, industry expertise, and network, he brings an ability to influence and drive solutions to solve the biggest challenges in global banking.

About Solvent

At Solvent, we believe that honest, hardworking cannabis businesses should have access to honest, efficient, and compliant banking services. It’s that simple.

Solvent empowers Banks and Credit Unions to be the 'Authority on Identity' to confidently ensure all payments in cannabis are legal and compliant.

Creating Visual Relationships

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Traditional banking technologies provide a surface level analysis on accounts and transactions, but not enough to bring the potential of fraud/money-laundering to zero.

Solvent does behavioral analysis to create visual relationships between the merchant, owners, and employees.

Solvent - Legal Banking