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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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Ashok Venkatraman, President

NuStart Advisors

Ashok is market-driven strategic leader offering expertise in products, payments and platform development of customer-centric, next-generation digital solutions.

Ashok has orchestrated integration of an acquired firm, unifying delivery model and teams. He has been a collaborative customer liaison on multi-year engagements.

Mr. Venkatraman is savvy in aligning strategy and features to global, regional, and local market requirements and needs.

Ashok has deep understanding of multi-national markets/cultures, having lived in multiple countries. He has the ability to Inspire and mobilize geographically-dispersed, multi-cultural teams.

Previously, Ashok has served in multiple high growth business units as general manager and head of technology for Mastercard products, platforms and APIs. Mr. Venkatraman holds a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University.

About NuStart Advisors

Helping startup founders scale new heights. Lead several activities in product strategy, market development, strategic partnerships and fundraising.


NuStart Advisors provides expertise and experience in leading early-stage startups, assisting them with digital transformation solutions, including ones that leverage blockchain for clients in financial services, logistics, distribution and other major industries.

Our Mission

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NuStart Advisors works with startup founders, CEO's and their leadership team to align around a common objective to accelerate and scale products or services. Clients include startups in B2B, B2C and FinTech domains. NuStart is helping startup founders position their products / services, discover business partnerships and help them grow.

Helping Founders Scale