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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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Chris Hamilton, Co-Founder & US Director

Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation 

Experienced Executive, Big Data Architect, and Hardware Designer that believes the future of society will be based on blockchain.

Executive: Multiple company founder, investor, and officer. Pitching, funding, audits, product management, marketing, and business development skills. Managed direct hires and virtual teams.

Blockchain: Developed smart contracts for variety of token uses, best practices for Solidity. Research and experiments with PoS/PoW algorithms, supernode, and side chain implementations.

Hardware Designer: Product development under lean and MVP processes. Designed over dozens of open source and commercial circuit boards. Experience with digital and analog circuit design including chargers, SMPS, Piezo and EL drivers, Haptics, LED lighting, USB, Bluetooth Smart, i2c, i2s, SPI, ARM, flex and rigid PCBs.

Big Data Architect: Developed algorithms utilizing mapreduce, clustering, recommender systems, and other models. Web production experience in large servers deploying, debugging, and scaling systems and servers. Scaling orchestration, health monitoring, telemetry and other automation specialties. Expertise in configuration management, continuous deployment, and site reliability. 

About Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation (BPF)

Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation is founded in 2017 and is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to enable and accelerate humanitarian project and initiatives worldwide, through blockchain technology. 


Our foundation is run by volunteers from various paths of life with a common passion for Blockchain technology and the impact it could bring to the vulnerable community.

Our Mission

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Our foundation has 3 key focus areas:

  • Education: We aim to ensure that philanthropists, charities and ecosystem partner have the right awareness towards understanding blockchain and its significance to the social impact industry.

  • Thought leadership: We aim to provide leadership by engaging with network partners to develop a cohesive vision in supporting the adoption of blockchain philanthropy

  • Partnership: We aim to work and collaborate with all parties who are committed to championing the cause of philanthropy with technology.

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