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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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Dion Lisle, Managing Director


Removing Friction for Fintechs and Banks from POC to Pilot to Production delivering Customer Centric Innovation for bank customers.

18 years of learning how to deliver innovation within the complexity of legacy banks and FIs. Today is the ideal time to drive Contextual Innovation, that is the Innovation that delivers a superior customer experience for bank customers.

A deep understanding of the myriad bank issues such as compliance and regulatory requirements. There is also an ability to work with the various business units that make up today’s modern banks in conjunction with the Innovation teams.

Acting as an advisor and previous Fintech investor allows Dion Lisle to engage deeply with a variety of Fintech startups. Focused on the future technologies that drives Fintech innovation. 

About FACERE25

FACERE25 is the result of a 18+ year career of innovating inside and around banks and financial institutions. I realized that banks hire some of the best and brightest people in the world, then corporate inertia and regulations bog them down.


Dion launched a bank's first mobile P2P payments platform by herding a 30-40 person team that included no less than 5 lawyers and countless compliance experts.

Bridging The Gap

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My hope is that FACERE25 can help bridge the gap and move Fintech Innovation from "The Lab to the Factory."  I believe that by having been on both sides and being external to your organization we can together deliver compelling innovation based on Fintech solutions in startup time.

From The Lab To The Factory