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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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Dustin Eide, Chief Executive Officer

CanPay Debit

Dustin Eide is the CEO of CanPay, the first legitimate debit payment platform for the cannabis industry.


With a background in payment solutions ranging from traditional retail and ecommerce businesses to banks and technology partners, Dustin looked to the legal marijuana industry and apply his knowledge of the payments space to a new marketplace that lacked access to traditional financial services.

Always one for a challenge, Dustin chose the hyper-competitive payments industry where he spent more than 7 years learning its intricacies while serving 1000’s of retail and ecommerce businesses, banks, and technology partners with creative payment solutions.

Following Adult-Use marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington in 2014, Dustin saw the opportunity to use his unique problem-solving skills and knowledge to build a legitimate and stable payment solution for an industry that lacked access to traditional financial services.

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CanPay's Mission

CanPay's mission is to provide secure debit payment transactions to everyone, with a strong focus on industries that are traditionally underbanked and underserved by financial services companies, including State Regulated Cannabis Retailers.

Dustin and his team launched CanPay in November of 2016 and rapidly grew the platform into the largest legitimate payment network for the regulated cannabis industry, currently serving more than 350 dispensaries in 18 states.

True Debit Payment Network

CanPay launched in November 2016 and currently serves over 350 dispensaries across eighteen states, making it the largest legitimate payment network for the cannabis industry


CanPay is a true debit payment network bringing secure payments to your favorite retail stores, including cannabis retailers and dispensaries in CO, WA, OR, CA, MA, MD, ME, FL and HI.

Convenient. Secure. Debit.