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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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Dr. Mirek Sopek, President


Dr. Mirek Sopek holds PhD in Theoretical Chemistry. He initially started his career as an assistant professor and lecturer at Technical University of Lodz, Poland, teaching molecular modeling.

Later, after redirecting his interest toward digital technologies, he taught e-commerce and cryptography. In 1989 he founded Makolab. This was his “fall of the Berlin Wall” moment.

Later he spent many years at Hypercube Inc in Canada and in the US. After returning to Makolab, in 2007 he led the company through successful IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Then, again in the US he formed Chemical Semantics, Inc. (2014) and MakoLab USA Inc. (2016). In 2018 he created LEI.INFO as a startup in the digital identity space.

He is now a specialist of semantic technologies and sophisticated blockchain solutions (like GraphChain and Quantum Blockchains) and is now leading the applications of these novel technologies to the digital identification and authentication markets. 

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LEI.INFO is the supplier of trusted data and identification services based on the LEI system for businesses from around the world. The LEI system is a global identification system designed for the unambiguous and credible identification of Legal Entities participating in financial transactions across global markets

Our Mission

The LEI code provides the most fundamental information about a legal entity by answering two basic questions: “who is who” and “who owns whom”. 

LEI.INFO’s services solve two fundamental problems: How to obtain reliable Information about other companies (KYB services) and how to securely identify the user’s company to others (authentication services) in the digital world through the application of LEI secure data. 

More Than An LEI Finder