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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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Nabil Kabbani, Chief Executive Officer


Nabil Kabbani is a growth driver and a multi-disciplinary global leader with a career built on leveraging strategy, technology, and people to transform and scale businesses.


Mr. Kabbani spent twelve years at Western Union, helping it grow to a multi-billion dollar public company working from various locations in the U.S., Beirut, Dubai, Paris, and Brussels.


He has led a venture capitalist funded startup that grew through nine acquisitions to become a major player in the Fintech industry. Kabbani was the CEO of CommerceGate, a payment processing company in the e-commerce arena prior to joining ACT Holdings.


He grew ACT from a $30MM student loan ARM company to an industry-leading $400MM+ diversified BPO. Lately, he was President of QLess, a disruptive SaaS technology startup, helping to scale the business, complete two fund raises, renegotiate venture debt, and double revenues.

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About CieloPay

CieloPay is a Cloud SaaS mobile customer engagement & payment platform which performs allyour customers electronic payment needs, while engaging them in their points and rewardsprogram.


Our scalable and secure platform provides your customers access to services rightfrom the palm of their hand using their mobile phone.


We are versatile and can work within avariety of industries making it simple for people to pay, engage and reward.

Payments, Rewards & Experience

CieloPay makes it simple to reach customers on their mobile device.

Deliver offers through your branded mobile app, SMS, push notifications or email.


All campaigns are created and managed through the CieloPay portal.Offers can be customized to targeting demographics, behaviors and geo-locations.

Layered, Scalable, Configurable