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February 20, 2020

Embarc Collective, Tampa, FL

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    Reginald Lepholisa, Founder


    Born in July 19th, 1990 at Tsikoane Village in Leribe Lesotho, Southern Africa, Ntsane Lepholisa is a public servant, a social entrepreneur, a fintech evangelist and a developing general management professional with academic background in e-commerce, E-retail, and Integrated Marketing. Reginald is a former Mandela Washington Fellow in the Young African Leaders Initiative on business leadership. 

    Reginald is the founder of Xstreetz E-Retailer, a cross-border e-commerce business between China and Southern African Countries. At the midst of his MBA studies in China, Reginald began actively building Flesh, I am building the first true Payments as a Platform application to give millions of un-banked and under-banked Africans access to sustainable, decent financial services and spearhead local mobile commerce, launching the first MVP in November, 2019.

    About Flesh

    Flesh is being built to be the first, true Payments as a Platform PaaP Application for Africa. Using payments to create a community, a mobile commerce +POS, and a cash account for the un-banked and the under-banked.


    Flesh is a result of a four-year long push to find alternative means of providing access to decent financial services for millions in both Lesotho and rest of Africa using financial technology tools and application of tokenization. 

    Addressing Unique Challenges

    For many of the target users, Flesh will be their very first Mobile Payments App and an upgrade from a rigid Mobile Money service. Flesh will also address unique challenges of energy and high data costs by building-in Offline and Device-less checkout for local community transactions with FleshAuthorize™ on Fleshpass©. We are excited for the change we are determined to lead in African Payments Landscape.

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